12 April 2013

Contagious Joy

My skin is still warm from the rays of the sun, and it smells faintly of sun screen. In the past few days, spring has bloomed in all her glory, leaving me wanting nothing more than to dance and sing and create and write. Inspiration is a funny thing, a creature elusive and sometimes hard to find. Other days she comes bounding, refusing to let me do anything until I've satiated her desire to create. And oh, how I love to be inspired!

This time of year is my very favorite: the world comes alive in a way so different from other seasons. Bird song, insects, laughing clouds, beams of sunlight, blossoms bursting with color and fragrance – how can I contain all the joy I experience?

The truth is, sweet souls, I am unable to. And so I will share it in every way I can, whether capturing it through photography, within my paintings and sketches, in my art journal, on the pages of this blog, and with every person I encounter.

How do you celebrate the joy in your life?

1 comment:

Romantic Heroine said...

Spring is my favourite season. and this post let me hope that spring will find its way here, soon too. Winter was way too long and I long for warmer days! Should warmer days come, I will be outside, as long as possible, to in soak up the sunbeams and liveliness of the city.


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