11 June 2013

A Few Thoughts

The above is a photography experiment I found on Pinterest: shoot macro by detaching the lens of your camera and holding it a few inches in front of the body, manually opening the shutter to take the shot. (I'm sure that I repinned this, but I can't find it anywhere! Here's another cool way of making your own macro lens. If I find the original one I used here, I'll be sure to let you know.) I'm looking forward to experimenting more with unconventional ways to use my camera.

I saw jumbo marshmallows at the grocery store the other day; this wouldn't be news, but these were at least twice as big as the original "jumbo" size. They definitely won't fit in a mug of hot chocolate, and I doubt they'd work well on s'mores. Why do we have this obsession with gigantic things? How have we not realized that big is not always better? This trend is not just seen in semi-artificial foods: apples, I've noticed, are now the size of grapefruit. I can't eat an apple that size in one sitting; what, really, is the point? Our endless pursuit for more than we need is going to be the death of the planet.

You can get all your art journaling supplies at the dollar store: watercolor paints, tape, post-it notes, pens and markers and pencils, craft paper, glue sticks, and even composition books. When you're just starting out and are intimidated by the prospect of creating, fear of "wasting" your supplies can be a big obstacle in getting started. With super cheap materials, you have no excuse not to start: you'll only lose a few dollars if it goes really, really awfully (which it won't!). And really, the cheapest supplies can be a lot of fun to use and produce just as magnificent art. I'm thinking about putting together a workshop or an ebook on how to use these resources; would you be interested?

I thought that, once I got my Bachelor's, it'd be like going through a magical gateway into the land of Job Opportunity. Not so. It's silly for me to have suspected that, but I am disappointed at how unchanged my prospects seem, and I worry about the consequences of not finding work: a delayed trip to Germany (and mounting student loan debt, too).

Summer is just beautiful. The fireflies, the crickets, the sun, thunderstorms, bare feet.. I wish I could hold on to it forever.


Naomi Hattaway said...

II. Yes. We arrived back in the United States last night and the apples and bananas are ginormous. Like ... bigger than my HAND! Silliness!

Ingrid said...

oo, how exciting! how long will you be stateside? and yes, fruit silliness indeed.


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