30 June 2013

Unseen World: More Macro Photos

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Oh, man, this macro thing is fun! Recently I tried my hand at capturing a bumblebee buzzing around some milkweed. Trying to get a clear shot of a moving subject in a very shallow depth of field is incredibly challenging; after scores of shots, I ended up with three really excellent, focused photos; many more almost focused photos, and a whole bunch of totally out of focus photos.

Macro photography allows you to enter into a beautiful, secret world: that of the small, the intricate, the usually overlooked. It amazes me to look at the furry coat this bumblebee is wearing. If I were much smaller, I would love to ride on its back, my hands burrowing into its softness, buzzing from gigantic flower to gigantic flower, overwhelmed with their sweet scent. What a lovely way to live one's life!

Below are some of the outtakes that I still find lovely, if not quite perfect.

If you give this technique a try, please share! I'd love to see what miniature secret gardens you stumble across.


Rhiannon said...

I am totally with you on riding the bumblebee! My aunty used to study bumblebees for her Zoology Degree and since then I have loved them so much. Gorgeous photos!! I do wish I had a different lens to try. Mine is just too macro haha.

Kelle said...

these are gorgeous! macro is seriously so fun to play with :)


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