16 July 2013

An Unexpected Turn in the Road

Hello, loves.

Several months ago I agreed to house- and dog-sit for the majority of the summer. My payment was to be free rent in exchange for my services. Unfortunately, the deal fell apart at the last moment, accompanied by some very unprofessional behavior on the other party's part. Through a period of extreme vulnerability, many tears, and support from family and friends, I have learned a valuable lesson in standing up for myself, asking for what I need, knowing when to say no, and pursuing jobs that I truly want and from which I will benefit as much as the employer. Too, from here on, I am determined to distance myself from those who do anything but support and appreciate my talents, skills, and personality.

Unfortunately, this difficult journey of job-hunting (perhaps I only had myself fooled as to how simple it was supposed to be?) has lead to a disappointing realization: I will not be able to move to Germany this fall. There are very few, if any, positions available that I am either interested in or qualified for in the country. The next best solution, though far less than ideal, is to find full-time work, save up, and hope that an opportunity will present itself within the next few years. I am pursuing several jobs that are interesting, in my field, and contain that essential creative component.

But oh, my heart aches. To be so far from my love is hard enough, but that there is, at the moment, no end in sight is pretty crushing. It is going on seven months since we have last seen each other, and will likely be a few more before we are able to reunite. Modern day regulations and country borders and paperwork are so frustrating.

Happier posts are coming soon - I promise!
Sending you love and love and love, sweet souls.


Romantic Heroine said...

everything will turn out well. you will see. things that are supposed to happen, will'll see. stay positive!

Erica said...

Oh geeze, border patrol and the paperwork that goes along with it is WAY past infuriating. I was born in Canada and have my Canadian birth certificate and I have my green card and local license of the USA but if I visited Canada today I would not be able to return back to my home in USA without a passport, which I have to either go to Chicago for or send my birth certificate in the mail (yikes) and either way is not something I can afford. Ugh. I hate how stuff works these days. :S

That's my sob story but I am here to comment on yours. I wish you the best of luck finding an interesting and well paying full time job so you can get back to your honey sooner than later. I can't say that I know what it's like being separated from the love of my life but I can imagine how difficult and heart breaking it is. I wish you two to be reunited sooner rather than later.

I apologized I missed so much of your blog. I'm going to go back and read and comment on some things I missed over the last few days. I feel like I missed so much of your life. Must catch up with my dear Ingrid. xox.

Naomi Hattaway said...

oh Miss I -- those miles. I know the hearteache that those miles hold. Hang on and fight for what you know that you need!


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