28 July 2013

Finishing Touches: Art Journal Two

While there are still a few unfinished pages in my Mother Goose art journal, I decided to decorate the cover in order to make it feel more complete. My first art journal – the one I handmade – has a couple of pages that I never finished, but I felt that it had reached a balance and I was comfortable with the final product, imperfect as it was.

My first journal was a paperback whose cover I collaged and painted. This book is a hardback and I wanted to try something new: a composition-book-inspired map cover. Read on to make your own!

Materials needed:
  • a map big enough to cover your journal plus 2 inches (~5 cm) on all sides
  • spray adhesive
  • label sticker (optional)
  • clear packing tape
  • wide black tape
First, spray the back of the map with adhesive following the can's instructions. Carefully place it on the journal, gently pressing out air bubbles with a rolling pin (or similar makeshift tool), starting in the center and moving outwards. Fold over the edges and adhere to the inside cover.

If you want to use a label like I did, stick it to the map now. If you wanted to write or doodle or paint or otherwise further decorate the cover, do it now!

Use the packing tape in strips to cover the front and the back of the book cover on top of the map, wrapping around the edges and pressing out air bubbles. (Using pressure to burnish the tape will make it more invisible.) This will protect the paper from dirt, wear, water, et cetera.

Finally, tape the spine using the black tape. Tada! You have a customized, colorful journal cover!

I think I'm going to go back and use packing tape on my first art journal; even though I used a clear protective finish after the collage, it has in the past three years seen some wear and tear.

1 comment:

Romantic Heroine said...

What a coincidence! It is so funny to see you sharing a tutorial for a art journal cover make over. I just did the same yesterday, with one of mine, using chinese newspaper.

I really like your new cover :)


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