24 July 2013

Sweet Dreams, Little One

My pup found a sweet little bunny with velvet fur, tiny ears, and a pink belly, and I kept it warm in hopes that it would be alright. Sadly, it never revived. So I gave it a small funeral worthy of such a precious creature.

You may think it's morbid, or maybe silly, to spend my time like this and then share it here. But I think nature is a marvelous and magical thing, and a glimpse at this wild rabbit and the chance to honor the life that existed, however briefly, was a beautiful moment. I hope you'll be able to share that with me, too.

I found an old iPhone box (it was just the right size) and filled it with teased cotton balls and dried and fresh grass, making a comfortable nest for the baby to rest in. I laid him in gently, then tucked some downy feathers and tiny flowers around his little body. I wished him well, then buried him under red dirt in the shade of a bush. It's a lovely spot, and he'll be forever serenaded by birds and comforted by dancing sunlight.

It's strange, but I miss him a little bit.
Sweet dreams, little one. You are loved.


Michelle O'Connor said...

You photos tell a beautiful& gentle story. It's so sweet that you honored this little life this way! What a brave, honest, and powerful post! I love it and nature truly IS marvelous! Just yesterday I was walking my dog and I looked up just as an eagle caught a smaller bird in mid-air. It choked me up to see it and hear the little bird squawking but it's nature beautiful and ferocious!

nacherluver said...

Not morbid or silly.
Touching and lovely.
Same as your heart.

Rhiannon said...

Such a lovey idea Ingrid! I don't think it's weird at all - the bunny was lucky you gave it such a gracious send off <3

Anonymous said...

It was a good, honorable thing to do. Thank you! : ) - and such beautiful photos; it's like painting the mood for the story. Very moving.

Erica said...

I'm glad you gave the little bunny a proper memorial. Thank you.


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