25 August 2013

And Some of Them Were Not

This spread is the first in a new art journal, inspired by vivid dreams I had had the night before of snakes, gates, and searching for eggs. I'm using this book, from 1977, that I bought in a thrift store for a few dollars. I cut out every third page, to make the book less thick, then used Modge Podge to glue pages together two at a time. (See a video tutorial here!) This process both makes the pages more sturdy and reduces the number of page spreads, both of which are important when filling a page with paint, collage, and other materials that will dramatically increase the thickness of the book – and strain the spine – by the time all the pages have been filled.

As a departure from my usual methods, I did quite a bit of collage with magazine images and security envelopes. I also printed out written interpretations of the symbolism of my dreams and pasted them onto the page, added some lettering, doodled some stars, and created a peek-a-boo gate by cutting strips out of the page and lining them with packaging tape.

I have to admit: while I don't especially like the outcome of the page, through creating it I have been able to capture exactly the emotions associated with creating it, the dreams and the messages I believe they contained, and the thoughts passing through my mind in that moment. For that, I am very pleased!

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