01 August 2013


Welcome, August! The passage of time still surprises me with its speed, and I am determined to enjoy every remaining moment of this beautiful season! We have had some cool(er) days recently, reminding me that autumn is not far off. I am looking forward to layers and mugs of hot tea, but will miss the sunshine and barefeet – but isn't that always how goodbyes are? Bittersweet glances at what has been and excitement for what it to come. I'll be stepping into a new role this month as I officially begin my new job. More on that soon!

These photos are of two of my most recent art journal pages, inspired in part by this book. It is filled with meditative art, "drawings [that] have evolved into a distinct visual lexicon designed to awaken heightened states of consciousness". The simplicity and depth of this art is really beautiful. (Read more about this art here.)

To paint solid shapes, conscious to make clean lines and consistent color, is meditative, at least personally: the concentration it takes pushes all other thoughts from one's mind. I really enjoyed doing these spreads and likely will try this technique again in the future.

The spread below is actually painted with two different shades of turquoise, but no matter how I tried I couldn't capture this – it just looks like one side is in shadow! The pink and the red shapes are intentionally different, too. This one was painted directly onto the page, while the spread above was painted on top of several layers of paint and collage.

Would you give this technique a try? What forms of art or techniques do you find most soothing and meditative?

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Romantic Heroine said...

congrats! I can't wait to read about your new job. Especially the last two pictures really radiate peace :)


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