02 September 2013

Ode to Summer

September: a month of change, of autumn's arrival, of lengthening nights and fading green and cooler days. Summer has quietly begun to slip away, and the plants mourn her as they bear their last fruits and a leaf here and there turns brown and crispy. The corn has been harvested, the wild raspberries are long gone, and only a few brave flowers still linger in the garden. The sun rises later and later, and I awake in darkness as I get ready for work in the mornings.

Yes, autumn is on her way.

This summer has been a magnificent one, and I have enjoyed it fully. I have appreciated every blossom, every bumbling bee and floating butterfly, each ripening of fruit, and the symphony of cicadas, birds, and crickets that has serenaded me for months. I treasured the arrival of the fireflies and soaked up their magic for the short time they danced and blinked across the earth.

Each sweet summer night and sweltering day, each kissing sunbeam, each barefoot step – I have loved them all. Knowing this, that I have celebrated and loved and been thankful and present for each and every day, I can open my arms wide and without reservation welcome the next change and the next season. Spring will come again soon enough.


Romantic Heroine said...

wonderful captured! Love the atmosphere!

Erica said...

That dog-baby is dying for snuggles.


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