23 September 2013


Yesterday was the first day of autumn, whose presence is quietly, but steadily, making itself known. Apples and pears are ripening, falling unexpectedly to the ground with satisfying thumps. Trees are looking a little more bare, and here and there leaves are rich reds or golden yellow. There is a distinct chill in the air that wasn't present only a few weeks ago, and when I began my new job in August, I witnessed the sun rise every morning; now, the world slumbers just a little bit longer.

As I get older, the world spins a bit faster and I can be more fully present in the seasons, appreciating each more deeply, knowing that the next will come soon enough. The transition is always surprisingly subtle, and it is only with open eyes that one can see – or feel – the fading of one season and the approach of another.

Work has been all-consuming and challenging and in the most wonderful moments, a joy. I am still adjusting to the unusual hours (3-6 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening) and very much hope that, with the right amount of nightly sleep, midday naps, and caffeine in the late morning, I will be able to once again regularly do the things I love to do.

The two images above are from things I have shared with the children. The first is a simple project; all you need is water-soluble markers and water. Cover the page with big blocks of color, then paint with water and watch the colors swirl. Be sure to put something underneath the paper as the markers bleed heavily.

The second is a collaborative drawing I did with two kindergarteners. One drew the bird and the other helped me color with crayons, and so together we created a whimsical portrait reminiscent of Mica Angela Hendricks and her daughter's artwork. I plan to add these pieces – and other doodles, sketches, and projects I have done at work – to my art journal and/or Sketchbook Project notebook.

And speaking of which..

I was so anxious about starting to fill the pages of the designated book that I decided the best way to get started was to deconstruct! I used a staple remover to take out all the bound pages, and doing so was such a relief. Fear of the blank page can be so paralyzing. (Incidentally, I never finished or sent in that year's Sketchbook.)

I have been playing with loose watercolor paper (see last image) and at the moment plan to cut the new pages to size and re-bind the book. Of course, these ideas may change with time. But I will send in my book this year – that much I can promise!

I miss you, sweet readers. Let's catch up. How has life been treating you of late?

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gypsy said...

We miss you too! Beautiful imagery!


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