10 November 2013

Still Here

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Yes, I am.

I have been busy trying to learn how to balance work with, well, everything else. My family is selling their home, too, and the amount of work it takes to prepare and show a house is exhausting. In other words, I have been, for the most part, surviving the day-to-day, attempting to keep up on my sleep, and squeezing in other things when I can.

Some Most days I feel like this.

I am grateful, though, that I have the opportunity to bring creativity to the classroom in which I teach. The kiddos and I have done air-dry clay (which was a bit of a fail: I ran out of cornstarch and added too much water, I think, and it ended up way too sticky and cracked once dry), shaving cream leaves, a mossy nature garden, crayon-shaving suncatchers, leaves ironed in wax paper, Q-tip skeletons, a basic art journal (they painted in a craft paper book), and a trace-yourself-and-color-it-in project. We began making puppets last Tuesday, and will continue to make more, as well as a cardboard puppet theater, this coming week.

Also happening soon? A visit from my love, the first reunion in almost a year. He will be here for the holidays – all of them, from Thanksgiving to New Year's! – and, as you can imagine, I am tremendously excited.

For the past week or so thoughts about the Self have been churning in my head: what it means to be selfish, selfless, self-centered, and what social norms and expectations surround these concepts. I've been thinking, too, about the roles of woman, artist, child of an alcoholic, and survivor of emotional abuse fit into my own beliefs about the Self.

Stay tuned.
Now? I'm going to go paint in my sketchbook!


nacherluver said...

what fun you are having in spite of busy
i must remember and follow suit

NapaKat said...

I may have to print out your image and tape it over my computer screen! I feel so overwhelmed that I spend my "downtime" on bills and calendars and family emails. I hope your holidays are divine!

Erica said...

I missed your posts- it has been so nice hearing from you again. I'm glad to hear you get to spend the holidays with your sweet love. Wishing you the best. Always. xox forever.


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