19 January 2014

Sketchbook Project 2014, Pages 9-16

Let's dive right in again, loves: here is the last half of my book for Sketchbook Project 2014. (Here is part one.) I welcome your feedback!

9. These two pages make up one of my favorite spreads of the book.
On left: Photo over scrap paper from my Busy Day journal.
Right: three flaps with (from top) scrap paper, courtesy of an iHanna collage pack, watercolor pencils, and a child's note.

10. Left: Black acrylic, letter stickers, and packaging tape (because the stickers were not at all sticky).
Right: Magazine image and charcoal pencil over vintage map and masking tape.

11. Another favorite spread.
Left: Security envelope, magazine image, masking tape, rubber date stamp.
Right: Italian newspaper, masking tape.

12. Left: Notes from a college course.
Right: Magazine image and washi tape over wrapping paper.

13. Left: Vintage library cards, labels, rubber stamp.
Right: Paint chip samples.

14. Left: Acrylic paint, water-based marker, magazine clipping.
Right: Ink.

15. Left: Italian newspaper, vintage pattern, graph paper.
Right: Collage of magazine clippings, color photocopy of art journal, pages from atlas.

16. Left: Magazine image.
Right: The back cover, covered in packaging tape.

Tada! All finished. I'm amazed (and so grateful) these photos turned out well – I was in such a rush to get to the post office before work! Hooray for small miracles. I should probably go sign up for next year right now.

18 January 2014

Sketchbook Project 2014, Pages 1-8

Woohoo! Just like that, I've crossed another 2014 Baby-Steps Goal off. On Wednesday, I sent in my first (completed) book for the annual Sketchbook Project. True to form, I finished it the day of the deadline, even doodling last-minute details while in line at the post office.

I gave a peek of my first steps in this post. To start, I took apart the original stapled binding and began working on hardier, loose-leafed watercolor paper. Beginning my creation with deconstruction helped me to move worrying about "screwing up" the perfect white pages in the sketchbook. I used mostly collage as my medium, creating unusually simple pages that, for the most part, lacked a center focus. Part of this was due to time, but I do like the overall feel of the book – to me, it's a meditation on the quietest parts of my soul.

Let me take you on a tour of the first eight pages!

1. I wanted the first page to be an introduction of me, the artist, to the viewer. I included a few facts about myself, my web address, and a moody snapshot of myself. (Did you know that Target can print your Instagram photos?! I'm so thrilled to have found this out.)

2. Left: Collage with magazine cutouts and a color photocopy of a page from my large art journal.
Right: Graph paper, Post-It note, ballpoint pen, washi tape*.

*All washi tape in this book is from Cute Tape.

3. Left: An excerpt from one of my favorite books, Anne of Green Gables, and washi tape.
Right: Masking tape painted over with blue acrylic, and the constellation Orion illustrated with silver sharpie and a white gel pen.

4. Left: Page cut out from my most recent art journal, washi tape.
Right: Black acrylic paint and cutouts from my Mother Goose art journal.

5. Left: Another Instagram photo glued to a graphite pencil/charcoal background.
Right: Printed words over acrylic background.

6. Left: Vintage map and sharpie. The arrows and letters symbolize people and places.
Right: Acrylic paint, transparent photo ink (scored for free while picking up photos at Target), correction tape, Instagram photo, staples, masking tape, stamps. Doodles were added with ballpoint pen just before the book went into the mail! And, incidentally, this is my least favorite page of the whole lot.

7. Left: beeswax crayon over watercolor, ironed.
Right: Page from most recent art journal.

8. This is a doodle I made while in class, likely last year. It's done with ballpoint pen and highlighters. Creativity is everywhere! On the right is part of a mandala design I colored with marker, then taped (with washi tape) to make a flap...

... under which reads Shhh, written in charcoal.

Stay tuned for the rest of the book! [Update: check out part two!] I'd love to hear from you, too: what is your favorite page and why? Least favorite? If you did the project and shared photos, send a link my way; I'd love to see!

13 January 2014

Little Steps for a Big Year

Hello, sweet souls! I hope the new year has been treating you beautifully.

We all, I think, have big hopes at the turning of the year, and while we will accomplish amazing things, more often than not the worries and duties and preoccupations of everyday life take top priority. I know that I will have to work every single day at pushing myself to take the baby steps that will lead me to the fulfillment of big, exciting dreams.

I have an ongoing bucket list, but I wanted to take the time to highlight the things that I want to focus on in the months to come. I had originally wanted to come up with 100 goals, but I didn't want to push myself to come up with things I neither really wanted to do nor would realistically pursue just to meet that number (and I also realized that I haven't even made it to 100 on my bucket list yet).

So let me present to you my list of fairly ordinary, accomplish-able goals for 2014:
  1. Spend a full day at the beach.
  2. Write 60 blog posts. (Hold me to it, folks!) [Current tally: 18/60]
  3. Buy a new camera.
  4. Finish and send in book for the Sketchbook Project. See posts: Part 1 | Part 2
  5. Try getting another journal into Stampington.
  6. Read 40 books. [Current tally: 8/40]
  7. Lose 5 pounds. [Currently: 15/5]
  8. Go to the gym 30 times. [Current tally: 17/30]
  9. Go on a road trip.
  10. Travel to Germany.
  11. Move.
  12. Get married.. or at least wear an engagement ring.
  13. Paint big, on canvas, with oils.
  14. Go ice skating.
  15. Get a credit card.
  16. Go to an aquarium.
  17. Sketch from life.
  18. Get a car.
  19. Go to the beach in winter (again).
  20. Visit NYC.

I'm going to charge into this year – I've already started reading a new book, done a hard workout, sketched some of the kiddos I work with, worked on some of the last pages in my journal for the sketchbook project, and here is just one of many posts to come. Woot!

Why don't you set some small goals for yourself, if only to ensure you make the time to do things you love?


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