19 January 2014

Sketchbook Project 2014, Pages 9-16

Let's dive right in again, loves: here is the last half of my book for Sketchbook Project 2014. (Here is part one.) I welcome your feedback!

9. These two pages make up one of my favorite spreads of the book.
On left: Photo over scrap paper from my Busy Day journal.
Right: three flaps with (from top) scrap paper, courtesy of an iHanna collage pack, watercolor pencils, and a child's note.

10. Left: Black acrylic, letter stickers, and packaging tape (because the stickers were not at all sticky).
Right: Magazine image and charcoal pencil over vintage map and masking tape.

11. Another favorite spread.
Left: Security envelope, magazine image, masking tape, rubber date stamp.
Right: Italian newspaper, masking tape.

12. Left: Notes from a college course.
Right: Magazine image and washi tape over wrapping paper.

13. Left: Vintage library cards, labels, rubber stamp.
Right: Paint chip samples.

14. Left: Acrylic paint, water-based marker, magazine clipping.
Right: Ink.

15. Left: Italian newspaper, vintage pattern, graph paper.
Right: Collage of magazine clippings, color photocopy of art journal, pages from atlas.

16. Left: Magazine image.
Right: The back cover, covered in packaging tape.

Tada! All finished. I'm amazed (and so grateful) these photos turned out well – I was in such a rush to get to the post office before work! Hooray for small miracles. I should probably go sign up for next year right now.

1 comment:

Erica said...

Oooh all of these pages are so amazing, Ingrid. Your work is always so beautiful.


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