05 February 2014

Snow Days

I have spent many days out of the past three weeks holed up in my dark, warm, converted-stable room, thanks to a national holiday, parent-teacher conference days, and several weather-related school cancellations. I have learned a few things in my state of hibernation...
  1. I spend way, way too much time with phone in hand, playing embarrassingly silly games.
  2. I am, for the most part, very happy to be a hermit.
  3. This snowy, blustery, icy, cold, out-of-the-norm weather has been beautiful and exciting, but I am looking forward for some sense of normalcy to return.
  4. I am seriously in love with this pup.
Check out more of my wintry photos here. How are you faring in this long winter?

1 comment:

Erica said...

I'm having a rough winter but you think I'd come to expect that after having powered through nearly thirty of them now. I completely shut down during the winter- I get sick and tired and depressed and angry- it's a tough time for me. Looking forward to spring and sunlight very soon. Enjoy the rest of your season. Make the most of it. xox.


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