09 April 2014

Twenty Six

On Sunday, I turned twenty six. I woke up to a beautiful, sun-drenched morning, went for a walk serenaded by birds, and did an it's-my-birthday photo session. This is becoming a yearly tradition. (And, incidentally, I don't care what others think about selfies and the people who take them).

I felt like a warrioress. I am amazed and overwhelmed and so proud of myself at how far I have come emotionally and mentally in the last years. I arrive this new birthday with ever-increasing confidence in my abilities and my worth. And those 'truths' I told myself over and over for years? Now, I actually believe them: I deserve happiness. I do not have to please everybody. It's okay to stop apologizing. I have permission to choose and chase my own dreams. I am whole and good and worthy of love.

Change has been a constant this year, and far more of it will come in the next few months. At times, it is terrifying to think of the uncertainty ahead, but in other moments, I look to the future and know that I am more than ready for and capable of meeting new challenges; I shall do so with grace, flexibility, and perseverance. I will find success and joy on the other side of fear and in the wide world that lies outside my comfort zone. (Erm.. It might be unnecessary, but I want to make clear that there are no babies on the horizon!)

Here's to a new age and a new chapter – to growth – and to adventure!

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