16 May 2014

In Numbers

Continuing the theme of the last two posts, this one is about numbers – specifically, important numbers that are occupying my life, my energy, and my mind. This is something that I've been trying to put together for hours and hours; I'm finding that my emotions are too tied up in these numbers, though math is one of the most objective concepts in the world.

Perhaps that's why I've chosen to do this post the way I have: I can state facts and not have to wrestle with how to ever write comprehensively or eloquently about all these huge, simultaneously-occurring changes. (It may help you contextualize if you remember that I am currently living at home.)

SIX // states
will separate me and my mama when she and my stepfather move to New Hampshire in June.

THIRTEEN // school days
until the academic year ends and I leave my position with the YMCA.

THREE // weeks
until I move in with a friend in Philadelphia.

TWO // months
until she moves away, too.

ZERO // additional plans
that I have been able to solidify (like a job and permanent housing).
I am terrified and overwhelmed and, in moments of peace, excited for the road that lies ahead. Charge, indeed. I will keep you updated, as I am able. Please keep me in your thoughts.
All my love.


kathleen rose said...

Have fun living in Philly. I lived there for 2 years and loved that city. And, the best things in life come from taking risks, so I'm sure it will work out!

nacherluver said...

Scary excitement. Embrace and enjoy. Have faith that your path is guiding you in a bright and beautiful way.Enjoy the journey. Thinking of you.


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