27 June 2014

Free Workshop: Beautiful Radiant

In 2011, Connie invited me to teach a workshop in her unique, virtual gathering of artists that she calls 21 Secrets. This playground, now in its fifth year, is made up of twenty-one lessons taught by experienced artists and the hundreds of participants of all capabilities and levels who join them.

Starting today, I am releasing my workshop – Beautiful Radiant (originally called Beautiful You, Radiant You) – to the public! It consists of 6 videos, a full-color PDF for you to download, and the step-by-step instruction needed to create the page above. It is entirely free.

The original description was as follows:
"We spend a great deal of time focused on the external happenings of our lives, yet often neglect to explore our own dreams, needs, and souls. Join me in dedicating a few hours to amazing you - we'll investigate and celebrate all your one of a kind wonderfulness! Learn how to create mandalas, use symbolism, tuck away secrets, and employ other techniques to bring your unique self into your art journal pages. Step by step instruction, writing and artistic prompts, and a great dose of inspiration included!"
Interested? Head on over and have a look!


Romantic Heroine said...

Thank you for sharing. I might try it out this weekend!
You inspired me :)

Erica said...

Are you ever going to be doing another journaling class? I loved taking this one. :)


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