14 February 2016

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet soul. You are precious and worthy and so, so, so loved. Be gentle with yourself today, whatever your circumstances. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate, or a walk, or an hour with your art journal. Do yoga. Smile at strangers. Write yourself a love song.

My family always celebrated February 14th as a day of love of all kinds: friendships and familial and romantic alike. It was a day of appreciation and gratitude for the good things and people in our lives. Love is one of the most central qualities that make us human -- we, social creatures by nature, have the gift of recognizing ourselves in others, demonstrating empathy, and reaching out a helping hand to lift each other up

The state of the world often leaves me overwhelmed with worry and fear. From imminent threats like climate change -- that requires all of us to work together, the consequences of not doing so threatening our very existence -- to the cruelty and ego of the American political race, I am disheartened by the greedy and self-absorbed attitudes dominating current events. (Don't get me wrong: I believe in selfishness to an extent. Learning and believing in your own value is a critical component to happiness.)

Today, I am choosing to believe in the goodness of ordinary people. I choose to believe in the power of love to change the world. Small acts of kindness are an undervalued strength, and I will make a renewed effort to infuse love wherever I can.

Big hugs. I am so grateful for you, darling.


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