I strongly believe that each and every single human on this planet has creative inclinations. I do not for a moment believe that it takes an expensive education and training to be an artist. An artist is simply someone who sees the world in a different way, one who observes and brings a new perspective to, well, just about anything. Regardless of your so-called talent with a brush or a camera, you are an artist. I mean this with all of my being.

You do not have to be a Picasso, a Monet, a van Gogh; you do not need to know how to use color and line, or what ‘tint’ or ‘value’ means; you do not have to be able to sell your work for millions of dollars. You are an artist.

Don’t be ashamed of your work and do not compare yourself to others – each of our art is as unique as our personality and our looks and our mannerisms. If you are not happy with your artwork, practice, experiment, and play until you find a style or a medium that feels comfortable to you.

My name is Ingrid, and I am a bit of Renaissance woman. I'm a writer, an artist, a dreamer, and a humanitarian, and I am fiercely passionate about social equality and education. I believe that love is a powerful thing and that it can change the world.

I enjoyed and was encouraged to create from the start, attending a Waldorf school and observing my father paint. In a high school art class I discovered the book Altered Books Workshop, which introduced me to the idea of creating, collaging, and painting in books; this eventually lead me to the discovery and practice of art journaling. I continue to sketch, write, and do illustration, and over the past few years I have taught myself web design, bought a DSLR camera, and begun sewing.

At twenty five I graduated with a BA in Peace & Conflict Studies with a minor in German. My journey to this degree was a struggle, marked by a past steeped in self-doubt and emotional abuse, something I continue to work through. I believe that my experience with the darkness and loneliness of depression has taught me greater compassion and empathy for those who struggle with their own demons.

I hope that the future, among other things, will bring my German boyfriend of 6 years and me to the same continent, though I, in the meantime, am pursuing jobs in a new city; I recently left a position where I created and lead curricula in several public schools' extracurricular programs. You can read more about my dreams and life goals here.

Above: the original My Peacetree header, 2009.

I began My Peacetree in May 2009 on a whim, inspired by iHanna's beautiful creations and the seeds of what would become a passion for art journaling. The focus of this space has shifted and stretched as I have, beginning with experiments with art journaling and love letters to the Universe and expanding to include photography, philosophical essays, and elements of my personal journey of healing from an emotionally traumatic past.

On this blogging journey I have met some incredible individuals, visited a reader in Germany, and come to be friends with amazing artists. I have been published in Stampington's Art Journaling Magazine and have had the pleasure of being invited to teach at 21 Secrets 2011. I've also been interviewed for Journal Fresh on Create Mixed Media.

Nearly five years later, My Peacetree continues to celebrate creativity, beauty, wonder, self discovery, and all the wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) that is life. My aim here is to explore all that is human, as well as to encourage you to exercise your artistic side and to nurture in you such things as self-love, creativity, and courage.

I have big dreams for this space, including a free workshop for beginner art journalers, an ebook on self-nurture in difficult times, and a year of brilliant artists and the works they inspire. Some of the work I have already published – and is free for you to download – includes copyright-free printables for use in your art projects, a book filled with inspiring words and beautiful photos.

Dive into My Peacetree with my favorite and most popular posts!
The Envelope Journal : a swap inspires me to create a journal made entirely of envelopes, each one tucked full with a letter and fun goodies. Learn how to make your own!
Beginning Artist : pages from an early experiment with art journaling; "Don't give up, my loves, because you are frustrated, and don't wait to start because you fear what will appear on your page. Create, just for the sake of creativity, and do it again and again and again, and soon you will see the beauty that lies beneath it all!"
Afternoon Magic : a quiet moment celebrating a beautiful, often overlooked phenomenon.
Mini Journal Pages : creating in a miniature handmade book allows for the freedom to experiment without the fear of wasting materials. The outcome is really fun, too!
You : a love note to you, sweet soul.
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Have a beautiful day!
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